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CSS selectors allow us to write our styles once and apply them to multiple elements. This prevents us from repeating code. Remember, we want to keep our code D-R-Y (don't repeat yourself) to avoid code rot! Also, any property that you can apply to the style attribute can be applied to a selector in the <style> tag.

There are three primary selectors:

Use these resources on the W3 Schools site for further information:

This paragraph does not have a style attribute. Instead, it has a class attribute. That class links to the matching selector in the <style> tag.

This is another paragraph that uses the same class. If a change is made to the properties in the selector then all of the matching elements will be updated.

This paragraph has a id attribute. An ID must be unique across all elements in a HTML document. That id links to the matching selector in the <style> tag.

There are more advanced versions of selectors as well. A :hover selector is used to style the following links to make them look and feel like buttons.

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4