376 - Web App Dev: Persistence & PHP

These are the resources for the lessons in the persistence & PHP unit.

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For this unit we will learn how data can be persisted in and retrieved from a relational databases within a browser using PHP. The starter files for lessons 2-4 are used to create a simple web application that maintains a list of companies in a database. Creating the edit file will be left as a project for you.


  1. Introduction
    1. Hello world!
    2. Syntax
    3. Variables
    4. Server-side programming
    5. The LAMP development stack
    6. Hello world! on steroids
    7. The PHP manual
  2. Retrieving data  
    1. Database connections
    2. SELECT statements
  3. Creating data
    1. Form handling
    2. INSERT statements
  4. Deleting data with DELETE statements
  5. Editing data with UPDATE statements